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Review by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 26 Apr 2013

If you are a site owner or a webmaster and you want your site to draw in as many visitors as possible, you need to optimize said website. Web CEO Limited, company founded in 1992 in Ukraine, has the ideal tool for the job – the powerful, feature rich, and highly praised Web CEO. In 2001, when the application was rolled out to the public, it made a big splash in the industry, and for good reason. Many were impressed with its rich collection of powerful features. Hundreds of thousands of customers from around the world now rely on Web CEO to improve their site’s competitive position.

Web CEO can be installed on any Windows edition from Windows 2000 onward. Just download an executable, run it, click through the steps presented by the setup wizard, and in no time at all you’ll be done with the installation process.

It must be mentioned that the setup wizard allows you to choose the installation directory. But if you choose a custom location, you will receive the following prompt: “We strongly recommend not to change the destination folder to make sure Web CEO has read/written access to its data files.”
It must also be mentioned that if you are a first time user, you must create an account. The nice thing is that creating a fully-functional, 15 days free trial is a very simple matter.

When you launch Web CEO, a 12-tool package purpose built for website optimization and analysis, you will be presented with a “Did you know…” prompt; if you don’t like seeing tips at startup, you can uncheck “Show tips at start” from the left hand corner. After that you will be presented with a “Web CEO Quick Launch” prompt that features links for accessing the Settings menu, the Project Manager, the Check Ranking function, the Upload files over FTP features, and lots more. From this Quick Launch window you can very quickly and very easily access all the functionality Web CEO has to offer.

Speaking about functionality, Web CEO provides all the tools you need to give your site a competitive boost. The application, as mentioned above, is a 12-tool package purpose built for website optimization and analysis. Its list of features includes keyword research, website editing in visual and HTML view, submit site to search engines, manage pay-per-click campaigns, run SEO analysis on your webpages, web traffic analysis report, upload files and folders to your host, monitor website availability, schedule tasks, and more.

Lots of powerful tools and features are put at your disposal by Web CEO. Use them to optimize your website and make it stand out in a very competitive market.


Installing Web CEO on a Windows-powered machine is a simple, effortless process. Creating an account takes little time as well. From the Quick Launch window you can easily access all the tools Web CEO puts at your disposal. Web CEO is a 12-tool package purpose built for website optimization and analysis; lots of powerful features are put at your disposal. Web CEO has been around for quite some time and it is used by hundreds of thousands of customers.


Free to try for a limited period.

11.0 Build 0.4108


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Web CEO has been reviewed by George Norman on 26 Apr 2013. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated Web CEO 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential


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